Monday, January 25, 2010

Choosing a Wedding Florist in the Tampa Bay Area

Reading a competitors advice on Wedding Wire gave me pause this week when I read that any florist working from their home is just working part time and it should be considered a hobby for them. I had to laugh because even though I am home based I hardly consider the 50 hour work week I put in part time. She then went on to say that a home based business would never own a walk in cooler and I own two full size walk in coolers! I am sure her advice was well meant and she just is ignorant to the change in the times. I know several florists that work full time at their profession and provide an excellent product from their home. I choose to stay home based because I love the convenience of it- not to mention the tax breaks! I also choose to own a flower cooler, buy the best quality flowers I can find and love what I do. So my advice to brides when you choose a wedding florist would be to check on references, view pictures of their actual work, get a contract that defines the flowers you will receive but most of all - trust your own instincts. I love working with brides and enjoy the planning process of assisting the bride with all her floral choices. I believe you have choices and that whether or not the florist you choose works from home or from a rented retail space - you can choose them for their talent, their service and their professionalism.
Thanks To Stephen Dohring for the image of a recent bridal bouquet. He is an amazing photographer and we always enjoy working with him.
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smoments said...

Great point Debbie....As a wedding planner,we do not discriminate whether they work from home or not.... Some of the best vendors are able to offer more for the money , because they do not have a office to maintain....
If you love what you do, it does not make a difference where you work from....
Tammy Waterman
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