Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tampa - What is a full service wedding florist?

Tampa- What does it mean when a wedding florist calls them self full service. It can mean a lot of things but to us it means that from the time we begin the delivery to the time we finish the lighting the last candle - we are there to serve you and ensure that all the details are correct. We start by delivering the bridal flowers directly to the bride- whether that is to a home address, to a hotel , or to the ceremony site. We pin on every corsage and bout and set up all the details for the wedding. After the ceremony, we stay and move the flowers to your reception to be used again there. For receptions that rent equipment from us- like large vases- we pick them up and do not require that you are inconvenienced to bring them back to us. So lets say your wedding is at Sacred Heart downtown Tampa and your reception is at Marriott Waterside. We will transfer your altar flowers to the reception while your guests are in their cocktail hour and we will take the flowers from the pews and decorate your head table and cake table with them. It is a lovely way to re-use your beautiful flowers and get the most for your flower dollars. Full service to us- means taking care of all the details and we are happy to assist. When you are interviewing florists- be sure to ask who will be taking care of these details and if that is not part of their service- call us for an appt. 727.785.2562
Enjoy your wedding day and let us handle the details!

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