Monday, April 27, 2009

Who should you take to pick out your wedding dress?

I had an interesting conversation with the fiance of a bride and he wanted to know if women pick out their wedding dress to Wow the Groom . He felt that most brides do not consider what the Groom may like but take the advice of their Mothers and friends . Of course every women wants their man to think they are beautiful but when I really thought about it, I think maybe I would pick out a dress that is in my comfort zone and maybe not one that would wow my new husband. I would love to hear about your experiences and your thoughts. Please feel free to weigh in on the subject. Also, he thought the best way to pick your wedding dress was to take your fiance's best friend and when he says WOW! - then you know you have your dress. As we were joking around- he and my husband offered to stand in if you do not have any male friends that might take the job seriously. They are thinking their new business venture could start a whole new trend. Prices available upon request.

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Celazome said...

I agree! I think if the bride was smart...she would take the advice from a man as well as a trusted girl friend/mother. Great concept!