Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Rusty Pelican with Limelight Photography and Flowers By The Bride's Bouquet

We often get the pleasure of working with Limelight Photography www.stepintothelimelight.com and I am always excited to do so. I have done a million weddings at The Rusty Pelican ( well maybe not quite a million!) but enough that sometimes they start to look the same to me. So it was nice to see the freshness to the images taken from a different perspective. Of course Stacy and Nelson were a gorgeous couple and the love that they had for each other shined through. As you can see, everyone had fun and enjoyed the beautiful Tampa day. Thanks go out to Limelight for sharing the pictures with me. It is fun for us to see our flowers in action and especially rewarding to be a part of the couples most memorable moment- their wedding.
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