Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wedding Flowers at the Kapok- Clearwater Dec 5, 2009

Last nights wedding was a blast. We had so much fun creating the Winter Wonderland that the client wanted . Her colors were black and white but she wanted lots of sparkle and she had it every where. From the bling in her bouquet to the silvery beads adorning her head table to the hanging mini chandeliers in all the tall vases that held the dramatic centerpieces. Lighting was important to catch the light on all the sparkle and we used led lights to illuminate the centerpieces and lots of votive candles- even those had a dusting of diamond sparkles around the edges of them. The Bride and the Bride's Mother were a dream to work with and there was great participation from the Dad and Groom as well . They all came to the flower preview that we offer the day before to offer their input and to make sure all the details were correct. Thank you- We appreciate the time you took to assist us. Besides the clients, it takes a great team to achieve a wedding like this and I was lucky to work with the best last night- Shari from Oylmpia Catering, Nancy at the Kapok, Brian from Photography- can't wait to see his images! The ones I have posted came from us but will be nothing like what Brian will produce. You will see why you would hire a professional like Brian to catch the moments of the wedding when you see his.
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Brian C Idocks said...

Awww, thanks Debbie, but it takes great products in order to produce great photographs!