Friday, April 16, 2010

What do we do when flowers are not available?

As a florist, I have seen lots of things disrupt the flower market . Most of our flowers fly thru customs in Miami so in the summer I sometimes plan my flower deliveries around the

hurricanes that may close that airport for a day or two but this is the first time I have gotten this notice.-

Dear Debbie,

I learned this morning a volcano erupted in Iceland and the ashes have caused many flights to get cancelled including the ones from Amsterdam were we bring the Dutch product from.I copied this from

London, England (CNN) -- Volcanic ash from Iceland snarled air traffic across Europe for a second straight day some 17,000 flights, according to the intergovernmental body that manages European air travel.

Eurocontrol said it expected around 11,000 flights to take place Friday, in contrast to the normal 28,000. The impact will last at least another 24 hours, Eurocontrol said Friday morning.

The ash has forced the closure of some of Europe's busiest airports including London's Heathrow and Schiphol in Amsterdam.”

I will receive an update on the situation later on today, I will keep you posted with any developments.

So , now I hope for the best and start shopping for other sources to get my peonies and holland product next week. Sometimes it does result in substitutions when something of this magnitude hits but I do the best I can , always keeping the bride's colors and style in mind.

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